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 Holy flames information Driven marketing seminars: The key to applying information driven marketing yourself to your career or music promotion.With the new information Driven marketing seminars from Holy flames marketing Artistes and labels will be able to know in just a few hours –Why leveraging information is so power full to optimize your career or music promotion. –How to use information through a real time case study that will make you go through the steps to build by yourself your own information driven career or album promotion plan.


All you do in this package is get our original works CD AUDIO/ VIDEO To Sale( not a pirated once cause is prohibited by law to sale pirated works ) each Audio CD /Video, what you do is market it street by street , door by door or in your shop if you sale a thousand copy you move to STAR 2 instantly that Automatically Qualify you for a  bonus. Two thousand copies moves you to STAR3 .Three thousand copies move you to STAR4. This is how you keep climbing the ladder, This team network is real and is happening a wealth creation system that can change your life, in this system you convince your clientele to buy CD/VCD/DVD you can earn a Fantastic Bonus every month This is a systematic climb, you know what it means if you sale up to million copies. >Best target (customer and prospect) >Best opportunities >Most effective marketing activity that can change your life and destiny. for more info call +2348056201183