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info@holyflamesrecords.com HOLYFLAMES RECORDING PACKAGE Introduce 10 person each person Pays N10,000 to do a Track That is N10,000 × 10 = N100,000 This QUALIFY you for full Album project, you will be given pin number instantly You move toSTAR3 , the 10 people you brought also brings 10 person each You head to STAR4 they too get there full album project they form your down line you move to STAR5 as your down line move you earn bonus paid to your account ,so also any body in this team also move in this team you move they move what a magic wealth creation you earn as your team are able to built up down line. MUSIC BITTS AFLAMES NETWORK MARKETTING INTRODUCE 10 PERSON THEY PAY N25,000 if you are in NIGERIA OR 160 USDollar OR 100 pounds to buy our music marketing database products package included with an E-MUSIC MARKETING STRATEGYBOOK , music/ film production soft wares ,you are also qualify for ONLINE TRAINING INSTANTLY. This is a Network that is geared towards making self depended and self motivational Step Towards becoming Focused and raising millionaires and it will help you to optimized your career in music . MUSIC BITTS AFLAMES is The ultimate partner to deliver new revenue stream and focus on the Bottom Line for Music Industry, MUSIC BITTS AFLAMES is your Ideal Partner to bridge information concrete marketing application for music business with marketing strategy development Campaigns management (Advertising, Direct Marketing Promotion) etc and Consumer intelligence/ Data Base Marketing 80- 20 rule Analysis. WHY NOT JOIN NOW