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HOLYFLAMES RECORDS INC  ABUJA NIGERIA  finally releases Another  Hit reggae Singles

Titled  ‘’STOP THE KILLINGS ; by KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES   the king of reggae,

This  hot  Single is currently  taking the World of reggae music by storm and  has been received  globally

‘’STOP THE KILLINGS’’ is talking about  killings taking  place  globally and  the Message this song is passing across is that killing one another is bad.  Any act of killing of innocent citizens is bad.  CONSTITOINS AROUND the world   GIVES RIGHT TO LIFE  AND KILLING IS DESCRIBED AS AN ACT  against humanity  most especially  acts of terrorism  in some parts of  Nigeria and around the world

  The   song   STOP THE KILLINGS   advised Gun runners, politicians and sponsors of this act to respect human lives and embrace peace.

Who  is this reggae general behind this great hit?

KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES the king of reggae is a reggae music Star based in Nigeria.  He  is an Igala  man  from Olubojo  in Dekina  Kogi state in Nigeria . KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES was born  in Kaduna  where he grew up musically and was nurtured  in the act of singing by his grand mother  . He was  always  singing  with her in the church  as he grew up in his ghetto  Olubojo.

 As a  great  lover of reggae  and fan of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube,  KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES  grew up with one dream of been a super star in music . He  once played under the legendary Bala Miller, Trustee Band of Africa, and Was Once with his mentor LUCKY DUBE and many more band to mention  but a few.

As a  producer and a Director, He has 8 albums to his credits which includes   ‘’LAZY MAN AWUFF AWUFF’’,’’AFRICA HEARTKNOCKS’’,’’GRAND MAMA SON’’ ,SALVATION TRAIN’’,’’’FAYA THE DEVIL’’,’’OJORO GIRL SIMPLY’’,’’ZAINABU ATOBI’’, ‘’PROMISE LAND’’,’’ONE CHANCE’’and ‘’RADICALLY ROOTTED ‘’

 KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES  has been described as the reggae  star of this generation and his  works can be found online and records stores 

1.ONE CHANCE  BY KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES  https://youtu.be/5-a2bjB4F9s






Since the release of the Two Singles ‘’ONE CHANCE’’ and ‘’RADICALY ROOTED’’

It has been receiving rave review globally and Won Awards and Nominations on various Radio

Stations Word wide, ‘’ONE CHANCE’’ was Voted   globally as the best song for 2017 on RATE A SONG

On RADIO NIGERIA   which was aired worldwide, this reggae music Star KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES

The king of reggae music has brought a new dimension to reggae music, in ‘’ONE CHANCE’’ you hear

Good vocal delivery, powerful message in lyrics it was awesome it brought reggae music back to

Where it was during the days of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube, reggae music is the voice of the

Oppressed and down trodden so  in ‘’ONE CHANCE’’   you here hear about societal ills, kidnapping,Curruption,

Bombing, bribery, Xenophobia, Hates and many crime committed in Government and the citizens

In the Video it has a global message that can bring change to the world through the message of

Love, This reggae General KINGFRANKI HOLYFLAMES the king of reggae is taking reggae to another


Level .

 HOLYFLAMES RECORDS NEWS 27-01-17 Kingfranki holyflames Video Lazyman awuff awuff has been received well all over World from continent to continent this award winning video is making wave Known as the king of hip pop reggae , he is one of the most sort after music star Today Lazyman awuff awuff is an interesting video you need to watch. HOLYFLAMES RECORDS NEWS Kingfranki holyflames almost mob by crowd of fans shouting awuff awuff give us Lazy man awuff Awuff during a concert in Abuja Nigeria at weekend